About Us


The Galesi Group has built its reputation as the pre-eminent Real Estate Developer in the Northeast by providing superior service for over 40 years. In addition to its extensive real estate holdings totaling over 11 million square feet, the Galesi Group is an industry leader in property management, third party logistics, and the exploration and production of natural resources.

The Galesi Group is the largest, most experienced Industrial Development firm in New York State with over 10 million square feet of existing facilities.

Collectively Galesi's Industrial Parks represent 12 million square feet on over 1,100 acres including:

Rotterdam Corporate Park: 245 acres with 4.5 million square feet
Northeast Industrial Park: 586 acres with 3 million square feet
Glenville Business and Technology Park: 152 acres with 1.1 million square feet
Green Island: 52 acres with 660,000 square feet
Harlem River Yard: 104 acres with 2,000,000 square feet
West Yard Road: 34 acres with 354,000 square feet

Third Party Logistics

Galesi owns and operates a full-service third party logistics operation including liquid and dry bulk transfer, transload services, rail freight handling and value added services.
Commercial Real Estate
Galesi owns and manages nearly 1 million square feet of commercial 
property in Albany, New York.

Since 2000, Galesi has played a pivotal role in the rebirth of Downtown Schenectady, New York by developing 750,000 square feet of commercial space.

Galesi initiated two large scale master plan development projects in Dallas and Austin totaling 2,400 acres.

In addition to providing third party property management services, the company manages 
over 13 million square feet of its own real estate assets.
Exploration & Production of
Natural Resources

In 2000, Galesi formed E&B Natural Resources
Management Corp. engaging in the exploration, 
development and production of oil and natural 
gas in California, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas and

E&B owns and operates 20+ oil and gas fields
with 10 dedicated field service rigs producing 
over 1,200 barrels of oil per day.
in 2009, Galesi "goes green" by forming Green Planet Products, the official bulk distributor of environmentally friendly products that are made of biodegradable renewable resources.

The green product line includes bio-synthetic oil and lubricants for automotive and power equipment as well as plant based cleaning and appearance products for automotive and marine uses.